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Just-Rite Equipment – Dock Levelers & Lifts 

Just-Rite Equipment sells the industry’s best dock levelers and dock lifts, and we can handle everything from design and sales to installation and maintenance. We have teams in Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Virginia who are ready to handle the installation of your dock levelers and dock lifts. We install loading dock equipment for businesses of all sizes and types like warehouses, manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, and retail stores. We work with industry-leading vendors like Serco, Kelley, APS, and Pflow

Some of the dock levelers we carry include mechanical dock levelers, hydraulic dock levelers, and air-powered dock levelers. We also have a selection of specialty dock levelers from Serco and Kelley that feature edge-of-dock technology and extra-wide leveling options. As a division of DuraServ Corp., we’re ready to offer a complete solution for your loading dock installation, whether it’s a redesign of your current loading dock or a completely new project. 

We Sell & Install Dock Levelers & Dock Lifts 

Not only do we carry the most respected brands for loading docks and dock levelers, but we also carry many models and types for each type of loading dock lift and leveler. For example, suppose you’re seeking a versatile and ergonomic lift for your loading dock environment. In that case, we have options like: 


We have dozens of options available. 


We can also help you protect your loading dock with weather sealers, panels, and guards, which can help protect your systems from inclement and stormy weather, which can lead to expensive repairs. Options for loading dock protection include: 

 If there’s a loading dock leveler or lift manufactured by Kelley, Serco, APS, or Pflow, we can get it for you.

The loading and unloading of goods and equipment take place on a loading dock. Commercial facilities’ loading dock systems provide easy access for the transfer of commodities. Loading docks are designed and engineered for warehouses, retail businesses, manufacturing operationscommercial establishments, and industrial applications.

Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, carries the full line of Serco, Kelley, APS, and Pflow brands of dock levelers, lifts, and loading dock accessories. Connect with us online or call us today for a free quote.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Kelley and Serco mechanical dock levelers set the industry standard for durability, dependability, operator safety, and are built to last with unlimited float hold-down.

About the Dock Levelers We Sell, Install, and Service 

One of the benefits of working with Just-Rite Equipment for your loading dock equipment is that we can recommend the best model for you based on your company’s needs and how you’ll use your loading docks. For example, you might need a dock lift that accommodates several truck styles, from pick-up trucks to step vans. Your dock lift may feature beveled toe guards and dual hydraulic lifting cylinders, which help optimize the performance of your loading dock. 

 Some of the design features of our edge-of-dock levelers include high-strength steel tread plates, reliable dual extension spring lifting mechanisms, and simple operation through ergonomic design. When you allow us to install a Kelley KM Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Leveler, you’ll enjoy a low-profile design, which reduces interference from material handling equipment, as well as a beveled lip edge, which provides a smooth interface for meeting with trailers.

All About Our Dock Lifts 

We carry in-plant lifts and dock lifts by Serco, Pflow, and Kelley, and these lifts are capable of lifting virtually anything reliably and safely. For example, the Pflow Model B vertical lift system is an entirely self-contained and self-sporting system with the best quality construction and reliable performance. This vertical lift system can lift up to 500 pounds and offers a travel speed of 35 FPM. With pre-wired components and modular delivery, we can install this lift system without causing any delays to your operation. 

Our loading dock equipment often comes with design enhancements that help us complete the installation quickly and ensure that you don’t need to call us every week for repairs or service. For example, our Serco Load warrior tilter model features a pre-wired power unit with a UL-approved control component, as well as an internally mounted power unit. The Loadwarrior also meets or exceeds the ANSI MH29.2 standard for industrial tilters. 

Dock Levelers & Lifts: Brands We Carry 

Kelley: As one of the leading manufacturers of dock levelers and lift products, Kelley manufacturers some of the world’s most reliable dock levelers and loading dock solutions. They offer state-of-the-art technology in every machine they produce. The company has been offering warehouse and loading dock solutions since 1953. 

Pflow: Products offered by Pflow include material lifts, dumbwaiter lifts, and vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs). The company boasts many patents and heavy research into material lifts and other products meant for use in loading dock environments. The company has built tens of thousands of VRCs since it was established. 

Serco: Popular products from Serco include dock levelers, dock doors, and dock shelters. The company has operated since 1958 and has focused on advancing its technology in warehouse solutions and loading dock equipment. They also offer related products like commercial sectional doors and industrial HVLS fans.

Air Powered Dock Levelers

Kelley and Serco air-powered dock levelers provide operational efficiency, reliability, and are a low-maintenance solution with a simple push-button activation to raise the deck.

Loading Dock Design Services 

We want to help you maximize the productivity of your loading dock environment, as well as maintain a high level of safety for your employees, the equipment they use, and the products they move. We have the knowledge and experience to help you build an entirely new loading dock environment and help you improve your current facility.   

One of our strengths is reducing capital costs through excellent planning and a focus on proactive maintenance. We work to minimize the need for retrofits and upgrades by future-proofing your loading dock design plan. We can answer all of the questions you have about your loading dock design, as well as install your new equipment. 


Get Parts & Service for Your Loading Dock Equipment 

Are you seeking a loading dock upgrade? Is it time to replace your loading dock equipment? Let us help you upgrade your Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Virginia loading dock environment. We have access to the world’s best equipment, and your company will benefit from the experience and dedication of our installation technicians.  

We are the most trusted loading dock solution company in the region, and we’re excited to work on your project. Contact us today for more information on our loading dock lifts and loading dock levelers.

Most Trusted Loading Dock Solutions

Just-Rite Equipmenta division of DuraServ, offers complete solutions for commercial loading dock system demands from designingsalesinstallation, and service. Our expert sales consultants help discover the perfect solution for your loading dock needs within your budget.

DuraServ was awarded the 2019 Serco/Kelley Top Volume Distributor for the 16th year.

We service Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Lower Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

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