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Commercial Doors 

Commercial doors from Just-Rite Equipment are designed and manufactured to offer Efficient and Reliable Functionality from the moment we install them and throughout their life span. We work with the nation’s best overhead door manufacturers, including Chase, Dynaco, Hercules, LiftMaster, Wayne Dalton, Overhead Doors, TKO, and Hormann-Flexon. We’ve handled Overhead Door Installation at virtually Every Type of Establishment, from warehouses and manufacturing facilities to schools and retail businesses. We know everything there is to know about commercial overhead doors. 

Overhead Doors serve many purposes, and they are available in many sizes with various characteristics. If you own a facility that requires significant temperature control, you might need a door with added insulation. We also install Aluminum Doors from companies like Wayne-Dalton, which are designed to allow light inside the building while also enhancing the business’s exterior appearance. Here are more details about the doors we sell and how they can improve your business operations. 

What Makes a Great Commercial Door? 

Features you may need to consider when purchasing a commercial door include: 

  • The material used to construct the door. 
  • The type of hardware installed on the door. 
  • The door’s overall size. 

You might need one door for an interior room and a different door for an external exit. However, the type of door you select will often depend on the type of business you own and the purpose of the door. 

One of the primary choices you’ll need to make in purchasing your new commercial door is what material you’ll need for your building. You’ll commonly see wooden doors on residential buildings, but they’re rare on commercial buildings. A great commercial door will often be Made of Steel for high-security facilities, or the door might be made of aluminum if you need a door that must balance the aesthetics and functionality.

Commercial doors, as the name implies, are doors specifically manufactured for commercial purposes. When selecting a commercial door, it’s imperative to choose a door offering proven functionality, performance and longevity. Just-Rite Equipment is here to assist you in determining the right commercial door for your business needs.

Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, offers a variety of commercial rolling steel doors, sectional doors, knock out doors, high-performance doors, and door operators. We carry Chase Traffic Doors, Dynaco, Hercules Doors, Hormann-Flexon, LiftMaster, Overhead DoorsTKO Dock Doors, and Wayne Dalton.

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Commercial Doors

Rolling Steel Doors

Wayne Dalton carries a full line of rolling steel doors including rolling steel fire doors, rolling grilles, insulated rolling steel fire doors, rolling steel service doors, and rolling sheet doors. Rolling steel doors provide long-lasting performance and are reliable solutions for self-storage facilities, warehouses, pharmacies, hospitals, offices, schools, and retail businesses.

Commercial Door Uses

  • Auto Dealers
  • Cold Storage
  • Distribution Centers
  • Energy Efficient Facilities
  • Food & Beverage Plants
  • High Security Areas
  • Self Storage Facilities
  • Service Centers
  • Transportation & Transit
  • Warehousing Facilities

Standard Commercial Door Materials & Features 

Commercial Overhead Doors are commonly made of aluminum or steel, but some commercial doors are made of glass and rubber. Commercial doors can also Feature Screens, which are an ideal feature for helping increase airflow inside your facility while also preventing bugs like mosquitos and flies from entering the building. The material your commercial door is made of will often impact the price, but the price isn’t always the most crucial factor when choosing a door. 

Steel Doors are often the go-to when upgrading commercial overhead doors because they are strong and require very little maintenance. They’re also great for businesses that have a particular use for their doors. For example, some companies need a door designed to Withstand a Fire for a certain amount of time. Other businesses might need a door that includes features for temperature control. Commercial Overhead Doors are versatile and an excellent upgrade for your loading dock environment.

Sectional Doors

Just-Rite Equipment carries Overhead Door and Wayne Dalton commercial sectional doors. Sectional doors include insulated sectional doors, aluminum full view sectional doors, steel sectional doors, and screen doors.

Overhead Sectional Doors

Overhead Door™ sectional steel and insulated steel doors are economicaldurable, and reliable. An assortment of door panel profiles, track and hardware, and specialized options allows the further customization of doors to your specific project requirements.

  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 592 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 593 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 594 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 595 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 598 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 599 Insulated Sectional Door

What Types of Businesses Use Commercial Overhead Doors? 

Over our many years of operations, we’ve installed overhead doors in All Sorts of Establishments, from automobile dealerships to cold storage facilities. We’ve handled overhead door upgrades for distribution centers, as well as the installation of doors for facilities built for energy-efficient operations. We’ve also helped food and beverage plants choose their overhead doors and assisted businesses with high-security areas, upgrading their commercial doors.  

Other businesses needing commercial doors include heavy industrial operations, manufacturing plants, and parking garages. You’ll also find our Rolling Steel Doors, Aluminum Full-View Sectional Doors, and Insulated Doors in facilities like pharmacies, retail business outlets, and schools. Self-storage facilities are one of the most common places you’ll see overhead doors, and you’ll also see them at transportation and transit facilities, various service centers, and warehouses of all types. 

How Do I Know When to Replace My Overhead Door? 

In an environment like a loading dock, you’ll see Commercial Overhead Doors that might get used a hundred times a day, and all that use can lead to wear and breakdowns over time. In some circumstances, we’ll be able to repair the door during a service visit, but sometimes you’ll need to consider the Installation of a New Overhead Door. An overhead door can withstand bumps and scrapes for years, but you may end up deciding to upgrade because of aesthetics, safety, or security. 

One of the benefits of working with Just-Rite Equipment is that we can Diagnose any Problems you might have with your existing commercial overhead door and then Assist in the Repairs or handle the installation of a new door. We want to make sure you receive the best service possible, whether that means helping you choose a new door for your facility or instituting a Regular Maintenance schedule that allows us to keep your doors in tip-top shape.

Wayne Dalton Aluminum Doors

Wayne-Dalton’s Aluminum Full-View doors are designed to enhance commercial building visibility and light transmission. Aluminum Full View sectional doors are weather-resistant and maintenance-free and are ideal for service stations, car washes, and auto dealerships.

Wayne Dalton Steel Sectional Overhead Doors

Wayne Dalton’s steel sectional doors have a wide variety of sizes and configurations, which provides high strength and excellent value. Steel sectional doors are designed and engineered with high impact resistance, heavy-duty, industrial-strength, and built to enhance building aesthetic.

Screen Doors

Screen doors are an economical solution for screening bugs, birds, and other unwanted pests from your industrial facility.

Knock Out Doors

Knock out doors, the most rugged option, are designed to prevent damage to door panels and tracks when impacted. Knock out doors are the best solution for damaged dock doors in busy loading docks.

  • TKO Cruiserweight Knock-Out Door
  • TKO Thermalweight Knock-Out Door
  • TKO Verticool Cold Storage Dock Door
  • KO Welterweight Knock-Out Door

Hercules Freezer Doors

Hercules doors are solutions for a temperature controlled environment, namely, food manufacturers and distributors in the dairy, meat, produce beverage, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

Chase Traffic Doors

Chase traffic doors are a cost-effective solution for fast and efficient, two-way movement through an opening where visual, sound and environmental barriers are required.

Dynaco Doors

Dynaco high-performance doors are safe, reliable, maintenance-friendly, and comply with European standards. Dynaco doors save energy, reduce operational costs, streamline traffic flow, and optimize logistics.

Door Operators

Commercial door operators provide security and reliability for business facilities. LiftMaster door operators have a compact design, an emergency chain hoist with an electric interlock, and with adjustable friction clutch.

  • LiftMaster 115v Hoist Logic Operator

Is an Overhead Door Important for My Business? 

Commercial Overhead Doors are a common sight in all sorts of businesses, but they’re not always the first thing on your mind when you have a business with so many moving parts. Just like the other machines that operate around your business, your overhead doors must operate flawlessly over and over for many years. The Installation Technicians of Just-Rite Equipment can assist with maintenance or perform overhead door replacement when necessary. 

You should take three steps to make sure your overhead doors and your overall loading dock environment are in good working order.  

  1. Choose an overhead door from a reputable manufacturer like Wayne-Dalton or Overhead Door.  
  2. Have Just-Rite Equipment install your doors and loading dock lifts.  
  3. Set up a regular maintenance plan with us to keep an eye on everything we install. 

Commercial Door Brands We Carry 

We carry the best overhead doors manufactured by the best overhead door companies. Brands we sell, install, and maintain are Chase, Wayne-Dalton, Dynaco, TKO, Hercules, Overhead Doors, Hormann-Flexon, and LiftMaster. If you have any questions about these brands or any of the overhead doors we install, please get in touch, and we’ll get you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your new commercial door product.

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