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Cooldown your factory and keep the bugs and bad guys out! Award-winning Bug Blocker overhead screen doors provide the solution.

Screen-Pro® Roll-Up Bug Screens are an economical and ideal solution for screening out bugs, birds, and other unwanted pests from your industrial facility.


Bug Blocker Sectional Screen Door

Overhead Loading Dock Door Screen. Bug, Wildlife, Bird, Rodent, Pest & Human Intruder Barrier

The Bug Blocker® Overhead Loading Dock Screen Door is added to your existing overhead door system. Using your present door’s vertical tracks, we add a switch mechanism, a second set of horizontal tracks, and a ventilating screen door with stainless steel wire mesh that meets Federal Specification Standards. Our stainless steel screen mesh complies with all food safety & food defense regulations for food plant, operations or facility applications.

Screen Pro Roll-Up Bug Door

FlexBarrier’s Screen-Pro Vinyl Roll-Up Doors are one of the most economical solutions for temperature control and environmental separation in warehouse and manufacturing environments. Screen-Pro Vinyl Roll-Up Doors, the perfect alternative to high-speed roll-up doors, have the features and benefits of high-speed doors at just a fraction of the cost.

Typical applications for Screen-Pro Vinyl Roll-Up Doors include loading dock openings, warehousing and distribution centers, pharmaceutical supply rooms, clean rooms, refrigeration, automotive, conveyors, food processing, and any areas where affordable temperature separation is required.